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Google+ Hangout: Five Questions With Mike Coffey

Jul 24, 2012, 12:03 PM EDT

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If you followed Fighting Irish Digital Media’s coverage of Selection Sunday, you might remember men’s basketball coach Mike Brey stopping by your computer screen for an exclusive Google+ chat with the fans.

On Tuesday, July 31, Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick will participate in a Google+ Hangout, discussing the state of Fighting Irish Athletics with representatives from several prominent Notre Dame online fan communities.

We would like to introduce you to these panelists over the next several days, and in preparation for the Hangout, asked each of them five questions.

Our first participant is Mike Coffey. Coffey is a 1991 Notre Dame graduate with a degree in Management – Information Systems, and has worked in the IT field for more than 20 years. He helped found the website, which gradually expanded its focus and influence to its current incarnation, He is the author of the book “Echoes on the Hardwood – 100 Seasons of Notre Dame Men’s Basketball” published in 2004. A life-long resident of the Chicago area, he lives in Oak Lawn with his wife and two children.

What is your connection to Notre Dame? (If you are an alum, what dorm did you live in?)
I was graduated from Notre Dame in 1991. I lived in Cavanaugh for all four years, and was active in the band.

What got you blogging about Notre Dame?
Blogging came late to me. I first got involved in the ND-related online community participating on Usenet groups and nascent message boards. Given both my interest and technical expertise, I was invited to moderate a couple of the boards, and as I gained experience, I figured I¹d be better off running my own site rather than working for someone else.

When did your blog first launch? launched in March of 1999, the day Notre Dame played Penn State in the NIT Semifinals in New York City. It expanded into NDNation two years later.

Tell us about your blog. Why should Irish fans want to read it?
People should want to read NDNation for two reasons. Not only is it the largest ND-specific electronic community, we also go beyond the typical ND sports sphere of discussion. We¹re not an ND sports site, as much as we are an ND cultural site that happens to talk about sports.

What is your favorite thing about game day at Notre Dame?
My favorite thing about game day at ND is tailgating beforehand near the stadium.

Stay in touch with UNDerground to learn about the rest of our participants, and remember to tune in a week from tonight at 7:30 pm on the Notre Dame Athletics Google+ page.

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