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Google+ Hangout: Five Questions With Ryan Ritter

Jul 24, 2012, 3:15 PM EDT

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The second Google+ Hangout participant that we would like to introduce you to is Ryan Ritter, aka “NDTex” (@HLS_NDtex), a 2007 Notre Dame graduate with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. During the 2011 season, he joined the team at and is now co-editor on the site, alongside the mysterious co-founder of HLS, The Biscuit.

What is your connection to Notre Dame? (If you are an alum, what dorm did you live in?)
I am a 2007 alum and made my home in Sorin College during my time under the Dome. As a student, I also worked as a student manager for football during Charlie Weis’ first season in 2005, before moving on as the head manager of men’s and women’s golf.

What got you blogging about Notre Dame?
During my senior year, I missed the daily heavy dose of football in my life and discussions amongst the managers. So, to fill that hole, I took to blogging on occasion, writing about Irish football as well as other sports that had my interest. I eventually launched my own site,, in 2007 to continue this little hobby, but in 2011, I decided to make my site ND Football centric. In the middle of the season, I was asked to join the team at Her Loyal Sons and happily accepted.

When did your blog first launch?
HLS launched in the spring of 2006. It was founded by Matt Quirion (aka domer_mq, now in blogging retirement) and The Biscuit.

Tell us about your blog. Why should Irish fans want to read it?
HLS has something for every Irish fan. Whether it’s opinion pieces, statistical analysis, film breakdown, news, or discussion, we have it. We are also fortunate enough to have an anonymous student reporter, Grantland-X, as our eyes and ears under the Dome to provide the student perspective. Even University founder, Fr. Edward Sorin, contributes weekly, giving his rather…unique…outlook on the Irish. Our Friday Roundup also goes beyond the bubble of Notre Dame to catch everyone up on the latest news from the college football world as well.

Combine all that with a nice helping of snark from our staff and you have quite a unique take on all things Notre Dame. We also often disagree with either other leading to some rather interesting debates amongst ourselves that our readers enjoy participating in.

Finally, we are about to have a huge redesign of our site dubbed “HLS 3.0” on August 13th. Not only will the look of our site change, but we will be adding in even more content for Irish fans to consume.

What is your favorite thing about game day at Notre Dame?
The pure anticipation of kickoff. I’ve been fortunate to go to games in both the Big XII and SEC and, while the atmosphere and fans are amazing, it just doesn’t compare to the feeling I get when I visit the House Rock Built. The excitement builds from the moment I start tailgating with friends and reaches a fever pitch as I scream “GO IRISH” on kickoff.

A Coversation With Jack Swarbrick: Tuesday, July 31. 7:30 pm ET. Notre Dame Athletics Google+.


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