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Google+ Hangout: Five Questions With Eric Murtaugh

Jul 25, 2012, 3:15 PM EDT

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The next participant we’re happy to introduce you to is Eric Murtaugh (@EMurtaughOFD) from

Eric is in his third year as the lead writer and co-manager of One Foot Down, the Notre Dame blog on the SB Nation network. A Western New York native, he has spent much of his post-college adult life following and writing about Notre Dame football. Eric’s work has been featured on, Maple Street Press, and Lindy’s, among others. Since 2009, he has written nearly 500 articles on the topics of Notre Dame and college football, as well as Irish athletics in general.

What is your connection to Notre Dame? (If you are an alum, what dorm did you live in?)
We have always had our hearts at Notre Dame, but neither myself (co-manager) nor our founder attended the university. However, our staff includes two alums from Dillon, two more from Knott Hall, and one who lived in both Morrissey and Keenan.

What got you blogging about Notre Dame?
The love of the school, and the football team were the biggest reasons to start blogging, as was to find a way to create a new place to talk Irish football in the face of the hyper-negativity surrounding the program following the 2008 season.

When did your blog first launch?
January of 2009 saw One Foot Down’s first post. It was once a small independent blog posting an article once every few days but has grown into a one that posts hundreds upon hundreds of articles every year.

Tell us about your blog. Why should Irish fans want to read it?
People should read One Foot Down because there’s a lot of content, the discussion stays fairly rational, and there’s a lot of variety. We focus primarily on Notre Dame football but have recently expanded our coverage to all Irish sports, the only ND blog to consistently shine a light on the Olympic sports. Most of all, people should read the blog and participate in the comment section because the discussions are both critical, yet level-headed, with a welcoming ability for readers to post their own articles to create even more discussion. In short, there’s a little bit of everything for any any Notre Dame fan to enjoy.

What is your favorite thing about game day at Notre Dame?
My favorite part of gameday would be walking in to the stadium for warm ups. I’ve personally written a lot about updating the experience in the stadium, but I do love that pre-game feeling inside the stadium, being able to get close to the field, and watching the players go through their drills knowing a big battle is about to ensue.

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