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Google+ Hangout: Five Questions With Pat Mitsch

Jul 27, 2012, 10:19 AM EDT

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We’re just a few days away from the Google+ Hangout with Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick (Tuesday, July 31 at 7:30 pm ET). Last, but not least in our series introducing the participants is Pat Mitsch, co-founder and writer for the now-defunct Blue-Gray Sky blog.

Pat is a 1999 Notre Dame graduate, and is currently a systems engineer in Boston, Mass. He is one of the original writers for Blue-Gray Sky and recently has written for Lindy’s Sports “In the Huddle” 2012 football pre-season preview of the Fighting Irish.

What is your connection to Notre Dame? (If you are an alum, what dorm did you live in?)
My dorm was Flanner Hall, but after they kicked us all out I spent a year in Siegfried. It’s never fun to see your dorm turned into offices, but it does give me great material for those “back in my day, things were better” speeches all ND alumni need to have.

What got you blogging about Notre Dame?
The firing of Tyrone Willingham. It was such a firestorm of controversy nationally with so many storylines coming left and right from people who loved and hated Notre Dame. The idea behind Blue-Gray Sky was to collect and preserve all of that commentary with our own two cents thrown in for good measure.

So I joined a group of friends from varying graduating classes and we started archiving those tumultuous weeks and commenting on the firing, the coaching search rumors, and the eventual hiring of Charlie Weis. From there we decided to keep going and try to document the day to day operation of “Notre Dame Football” as best we could.

When did your blog first launch?
The first post was on December 5, 2004. Just over 5 years later we shut things down as many of us, myself included, were in the on deck circle for fatherhood. The coda of the Weis era seemed like an appropriate time to walk away and leave the daily commentary to the number of other excellent and talented Notre Dame blogs out there.

Tell us about your blog. Why should Irish fans want to read it?
Being a defunct blog that covered a period of Notre Dame football that had more lows than highs, it seems odd that folks would want to go back and read it. But in addition to being a collection of my horrible football and recruiting predictions, the blog is still a pretty solid archive of what everyone was thinking about ND, Weis, and college football in general at the time.

What is your favorite thing about game day at Notre Dame?
I have to say walking out of the stadium after a win. The flowing swarm of happy Fighting Irish fans, making their way through the concourse and down the ramps from the upper level, with random shouts and cheers of “Go Irish!” and “We Are ND!” echoing through the interior of the House That Rock Built.

The pre-game tailgating and pomp and circumstance surrounding the game itself are always great, but if I’m being honest, the reason for coming back to campus is to watch a football game. And no one likes to lose those. Lately I’ve had to make my way out of the stadium too many times amid impromptu pep rallies held by fans of the victorious opponent. But when ND comes out on top, that walk back to the tailgating lots is always a high point of the weekend to me.

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