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Google+ Hangout: What Happened?

Jul 31, 2012, 10:54 PM EDT

For those who tuned into our Google+ Hangout with Jack Swarbrick this evening, you probably noticed that the live stream disconnected after approximately 30 minutes.

The computer that was hosting the Hangout was set up on our wireless secure network. Unfortunately, the Internet went out on the network and the host computer was disconnected from the chat. This computer, as the host, was recording the Hangout, so when the Internet crashed, so did the recording.

In an effort to keep the energy of the chat flowing, we moved Jack Swarbrick to Jack Nolan’s computer, a computer that was not connected to ND_secure, and thus was not affected by the crash.

The chat continued without affecting the participants, so we hoped that this meant that it would also continue recording. Unfortunately, the host computer was the only computer that could record the Hangout.

We have asked the participants to post their accounts of the chats, so hopefully everyone who tuned in will be able to hear the questions they missed.

We thank the panel for their participation, and the people who tuned in for their patience.

As the panelists blogs go up, we will feature their accounts on the Fighting Irish Facebook and Twitter pages.

In the mean time, you can watch the first part of the Hangout on our YouTube channel.

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