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ND Lacrosse Takes Manhattan

Dec 3, 2012, 2:52 PM EST

Junior attackman Ryan Mix returns to the blog with the latest on Irish lacrosse in the offseason.

Dear fans, unfortunately this post will include very little lacrosse action. Instead, goals will be replaced with CEOs, assists replaced with skyscrapers, and jerseys replaced with Calvin Klein seersucker suits. In other words, I present to you the Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse “New York Networking” trip blog.

Not everyone is cut out for big business, except junior middie Westy Hopkins, who did arrive lettuce-less with a fresh cut. The best way to see if you can handle the corporate lifestyle is to jump right in and immerse yourself in the culture, lifestyle, and angry cab driver dominant environment the city has to offer. At Notre Dame, we do exactly that.

Every year, Coach Corrigan invites the junior class, as well as seniors who have not committed to a job (and 5th years, I see you David Miller aka Milhouse), to attend a day touring the business side of New York City. All of this is made possible by the gracious Notre Dame alums that have not only ascended the ranks in the corporate world, but also decided to give back and share their experiences. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and knowledge shared by our alumni, and cannot wait to be able to give back myself.

Like every year, this year’s lineup of companies did not disappoint. The day began with a rendezvous point at Yankee Stadium. However, the stadium was not just a meeting point, as the team headed inside for a tour and talk with ND alum & Yankee front office executive John Mosley. First things first, let me get it out of the way that lacrosse and baseball have not always been friends with each other. Since baseball and lacrosse share the same season there is often tension competing for athletes. Also because lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet and baseball competes with Nyquil for best sleep aid in the world. But alas, I regress.

One thing both parties would agree on is that Yankee Stadium is simply amazing. Our tour was incredible and it was awesome to see and hear about the history of such a great organization. Much like we have at Notre Dame, there is a certain presence of heroics and victory haunting about the stadium. At field level, there is an incredible sense of history, and you cannot help but smile when you look up and see the championship banners.


Junior middie Tyler Brenneman was literally making this face the entire tour.

Our tour concluded with a continental breakfast and an amazing speech by Mr. Mosley. The speech began with innovation and concluded with expanding on the ability to take what you are given and make the best of it. From there, we headed down, across the street, and through a maze of stairwells to the subway station.

TIMEOUT: I would like to take a moment to discuss the subway system of New York. The best way I can describe it would have to be with the phrase, “interestingly terrifying.” First, the mix of people in suits and people who look like they might have a side job as a main attraction in a circus is incredible. Second, as someone who has never taken subways before, how are you supposed to know what to do? Uptown, downtown, upside-down-town, I literally just got on a train and hoped the conductor knew where I was going. Do subways have conductors?

After the first subway adventure, and a bit of a walk, we arrived at our next location, Morgan Stanley HQ. We walked through the offices, saw people casually trading millions of dollars, and headed into a meeting room. From there former ND Lacrosse players Kevin Lynyak & Rob Lynn gave us an incredible insight into the amazing opportunities a company like Morgan Stanley could provide. It was very interesting to learn about such an amazing company from two alumni who are incredibly successful in the business world.

They even allowed two recent ND alums, former Gold Squad Tewaaraton winner Tom “Tombo” Connor and Eddie Parzanese to take a break from saving the world, one trade at a time, and join us in the meeting. They gave some awesome feedback as to what it was like making the transition between college and the real world. For a summary just read any of alum Bobby Smith or Devon Dobson’s tweets. Tweet summary; enjoy college for as long as you can, but after you turn 35 and graduate (Seany “Mr. Sudden Victory” Rogers) there are many incredible opportunities that Notre Dame can provide you with.


Yep, there’s that face again.

After an amazing meeting, we hustled down the stairs and out into the street to walk toward our next stop, Credit Suisse.

Once inside, we walked through the building to a meeting room where former ND players Stephen Taylor and Sean Quigley were waiting. After sharing their insight and experience at Credit Suisse, we all sat around and talked about everything from lacrosse to the ten-year bond rate. To cap off a great meeting, upon conclusion about fifteen New York-style pizzas were brought into the room.

TIMEOUT: One word for New York Pizza – delicious. Sorry Chi-city.

After devouring the pizza and helping junior Middie Matty Collins clean his face and blazer, which was covered in pizza sauce, we headed back out onto the street to walk to our last business.

When we arrived at Jones Lang LaSalle we walked, right away, into a room with the largest table I have ever seen in my life. Stretching probably about from the top of the crease to the top of the box (20 yards), I positioned myself where I would be on the field and took a seat. Soon after sitting down, alum Brian Higgins entered the room with many colleagues to discuss the vastly different sides of business that JLL has to offer. It was amazing to hear how all of the different pieces and departments of a company as successful as JLL, communicate and work with each other to complete huge projects. If the lacrosse house could work together this efficiently we would definitely have a hot tub by now, or at least a kiddy giraffe pool.

After leaving JLL we were given some free time to roam the city before hopefully arriving at the New York Athletic Club (NYAC) for an alumni sponsored dinner and gathering. When I realized we had some time to wander, I knew exactly where I wanted to go, Central Park. Sophomore middie Jim “Marlax” Marlatt and junior defensemen Stephen O’Hara could not agree more, and we took off to the park in search of the pigeon lady and Macaulay Culkin.


And…one last time.

Upon arrival we instantly knew we were in for a great evening. The club was incredible and we jumped in the elevator (with an elevator operator), and headed up to the floor where the reception was. There were already numerous alumni waiting for us as well as some teammates who had gotten to the club earlier. I’m not sure which view I was more excited for from the top of the club, Central Park, or a whole turkey and all the Thanksgiving fixings.

After enjoying both, I began walking around the reception meeting alumni that had graduated anywhere from three to 15 years ago. It was awesome to have shared similar experiences with some of the oldest lacrosse alumni. After meeting most of them, there was no doubt in my mind that the lacrosse culture we have now at Notre Dame was built by these alumni. Through hard work and determination they had not only realized success in class and in the classroom, but also at the next level, the real world. A tradition I hope to be able to continue.

All and all, the experience was nothing but amazing. The glimpse of the inside of some of the largest companies in the world was very eye opening. I am very grateful for the experience and to everyone that helped put it together. It is opportunities like this that truly make Notre Dame a special place. Last but not least, the awards.

Best Question Award
This award goes to Senior middie Tyler Kimball for a question he asked during the Morgan Stanley interview. Ty somehow managed to include GDP, price of gold, direct investment, ten-year yield of bonds, investment banking, S&P, and lacrosse in one incredible question.

Rookie of the Week Award
Jack Sheridan. Since there were no rookies on the trip this prestigious honor is difficult to award. However, I would imagine Jack was doing something incredibly awesome at home.

Best Suit Accessories Award
This week’s award goes to Brian Buglione. Brian showed up to the trip wearing a tie bar, BIG EAST regular season championship ring, pocket square (matching his shirt) bracelet, and most likely an anklet. Simply, stunning.

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