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Taking Twitter By Storm

Jan 24, 2013, 4:22 PM EDT

It looks like we have some new social media stars on the rise.

@NDFabFive, a twitter account run by the five freshmen on the Notre Dame men’s tennis team, has been gaining fame over the last few weeks in the world of Notre Dame athletics both online and offline. The five members of the “Fab 5” are Quentin Monaghan, Nicolas Montoya, Eric Schnurrenberger, Kenneth Sabacinski, and Alex Lawson.

Lawson, a native of Tempe, Arizona, said the account, which was made in early January, originally started out as a joke.

“I think one of the upperclassmen said [“The Fab 5”] once and then we started the Twitter…We kept saying we wanted to surpass ND men’s tennis in followers, and we sort of changed the goal to just gain attention for men’s tennis and get people out to the matches, I guess.”

Scroll through the Fab 5’s tweets, and you’ll notice that nearly all of them are very funny, quirky, and amusing. Lawson said, “It’s always been a not-very-serious thing. Not to say that we’re not serious about our tennis, but I mean we just kind of look around and tweet stuff if something funny happens.”

Here’s an example:

So what’s to come for the Fab 5? Well, they’re back in season, so when they’re not in classes, practices, matches, or tournaments, you can expect more updates from their account. Lawson also said that perhaps some Fab 5 t-shirts are on the way.

Their Twitter bio says they’re “taking collegiate athletics by storm,” but it looks a lot like they’re taking Twitter by storm, too.

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