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Golic’s New Gig

Jan 29, 2013, 10:01 AM EDT

Mike Golic also emceed the BCS pep rally earlier this month in Miami (Photo by Mike Bennett).

You know you can hear him every morning on ESPN Radio, and you know you can see him with his family on Notre Dame’s campus every football weekend. You can now add Notre Dame Swimming & Diving meets to the list of places you can see (and now hear) Mike Golic.

Because his daughter Sydney is a freshman swimmer, he would have been at the meet regardless, but this weekend, Golic was a guest announcer at the Shamrock Invitational against Harvard and Towson Universities.

“When I had come to the first meet, and I had heard the announcers, I said to my wife, ‘This would be fun to do!’ because before my daughter came…at some of her [high school] championship meets, I did the announcing. And…I know [men’s associate head coach] Matt Tallman very well. I probably know him the best out of all the coaches here [from] over the years. We’ve known him for a long time. So he just asked me, and…said, ‘Hey, you guys are coming in for the weekend—you wanna do the announcing?’ and I’m like, ‘Sure. Absolutely! You know I’ll do it.’ I enjoy talking!”

This weekend was one of many weekends the Golics have spent away from their home in Connecticut.

“At one point, because both boys [Mike Jr. and Jake] were on the football team this year, and then Sydney was swimming, I think [Christine and I] traveled 17 straight weekends between football and swim meets that were going on during the football season as well, so it’s been pretty hectic.”

The swimming season, although finished at home, will last until March, which means the Golics still have plenty of traveling ahead.


Sydney Golic in the pool at the Rolfs Aquatic Center (Photo by Mike Bennett)

“[Christine and I] are officially empty-nesters,” Golic explained, “but haven’t been in our nest all that much alone. We’ve still kind of been with the kids, so they’re probably saying, ‘Really, mom and dad? We’re gone. Why don’t you guys leave us alone for a while.’ But somehow, we keep showing back up on campus.”

Golic is well-known for playing and supporting Notre Dame football, but he says that as they’ve gotten to know athletes from other sports, he and his wife try to attend more of those events. He also expressed that “it’s really great to see the backing that the other sports get outside of football and basketball.”

While he is a fan of Notre Dame athletics, Golic is first and foremost a parent. Now that his children are all “Domers,” the school means even more to him.

“I’ve always been passionate about this school and the athletics, but there’s no doubt when one of your kids is involved, it just takes it to another level. Whether it’s watching Sydney swim or the boys play football, I get more nervous watching them than when I actually played because I’m sitting in the stands. I can’t control anything anymore. I’m just watching them. It was their dreams to play football and swim at Notre Dame, so my wife and I are very proud they were able to realize that dream and get there and do it. It certainly makes us more passionate when our kids are involved.”

The Shamrock Invitational may have been the first Notre Dame swim meet that he announced, but don’t be too surprised if it’s not the only one. The Golics are officially regulars at Rolfs Aquatic Center.

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