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In The Boat with… Rose Doerfler

Mar 1, 2013, 11:58 AM EDT

March has begun and that means one thing for the Irish rowing team – races! The team has been hard at work all winter and soon we will all be able to see the results of their labor as they prepare to compete on Mar. 16. To prepare everyone to cheer on our rowers, I’ve interviewed several of the student-athletes, in order to help you get to know the ladies on a more personal level.

Without further ado, meet Rose Doerfler. Rose is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, Pa. who lives a few doors down from me in Cavanaugh Hall. I recently got the chance to sit down and talk with Rose about everything from rowing to school in general.

Have you always been a rower? Or did you do other sports as well?

I started rowing freshman year of high school. Before that I ran cross country and was on swim teams. Most people don’t get into rowing until later on because it’s not a very well-known sport and a lot of schools don’t offer it before high school.


What type of boat do you race in?

Here I race in an 8+ boat, so there are eight rowers and a coxswain in the boat, but sometimes we will practice in a 4+ boat or in pairs.

Are the same people in your boat every time?

Last year, my boat was set for the whole year, but right now we are still in winter training so the lineups aren’t set yet. We are still rotating things around and figuring out who works best together.

How long are the races?

2,000 meters.

How long (time-wise) does it normally take you?

Depending on wind and water conditions, it usually takes less than seven minutes to race 2,000 meters on the water.

What made you decide to come to Notre Dame?

Lots of things! The team was so nice when I came on my visit. Also, my parents went here and were very supportive of me choosing Notre Dame. And you can’t beat the academics here either!

How do you like living in Cavanaugh Hall?

I like Cavanaugh. It’s a good place to live.

Do you participate in any dorm activities?

I mean sometimes I go to the dorm dances. They can be pretty fun, especially if there’s food!

Besides dorm activities and rowing, what else do you do for fun?

Well, I’m a chemical engineer. Between homework and practices, I don’t have a lot of time to do other things. It is true that I spend most of the time thinking about food – what can I say?

Which dinning hall do you prefer?



Because it has pasta stir fry and make your own omelets!

Any spring break plans?

Every spring break our team goes to Oak Ridge, Tenn. for training and two days of races.

That sounds pretty cool. Is it a offical race?

Yes the races are official. Basically it’s a big park where all the schools from cold weather areas go to train over spring break. So we will spend the week practicing and then we get the chance to race each other the last few days. We see a lot of fast competition there.

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