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Welcome To Praha!

A picture of me (right) along with fellow junior Kathleen Severyn.

We had a great start to our tour after leaving from Chicago yesterday. We began with a little excitement by seeing Anthony Davis (NBA basketball player – New Orleans Pelicans) in the security line at O’Hare Airport! Once we boarded the plane, most of us slept through the eight-hour flight from Chicago to London Heathrow. On the plane, we woke up to a nice breakfast croissant with jelly from the flight attendants. We were then well aware of the time difference and the jetlag we would have to try to recover from. We passed the nearly four-hour layover in Heathrow Airport by grabbing some food and figuring out the money exchange (porridge from Starbucks was delicious!).

We finally boarded the plane for Prague, after much anticipation! This was only a two-hour flight, but there was some entertainment. After having water drip on him continuously, a man asked whose water bottle was in the overhead compartment. Kathleen [Severyn] had put her full water bottle in the compartment and it had been spilling on the man in front of her. Kathleen apologized to the man for the incident and the water that was now all over him. Thanks to Kathleen for providing a little humor on the flight! We landed in Prague and went off to find our luggage. After a small scare that Meg [Vonderhaar]‘s luggage was taken we were on our way with our tour guide, Jirka.

Jirka showed us to Hotel Roma, where we will be staying, and then took us out to dinner. Our first meal was delicious! We thoroughly enjoyed salad, a pasta dish with chicken and thin crust pizza. I could definitely get used to eating in Prague all the time! After dinner we went on a short sightseeing trip. It was exciting to use the public transportation and start to see the city! We got to see the city at night, as it was beautifully lit up. We got our first glimpse at the Prague Castle and the bridge. There are tons of beautiful statues and historic sites (lots of picture opportunities). All of this was just got a small preview of what we will see more of tomorrow (Tuesday). So excited to see more of the city and to play tomorrow! It has been a wonderful start to our trip!


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