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A Player’s Perspective – Prague: Part Three

May 23, 2013, 11:25 PM EDT


Me (right) and Sammie Brown at the Prague Castle.

Today we were free to do whatever we wanted until the late afternoon. We started together, walking by the John Lennon wall. This wall is full of graffiti that is updated nearly every day. It consists of messages of peace and love, brightly painted across the wall. Most of the group, including Sammie (Brown), Mags (Maggie Brindock), Erin (Klosterman), Q (Andrea McHugh), Nicole (Smith), Meg (Vonderhaar) and our support staff, went on a Segway tour of the city. In my childhood, I had an off-putting experience riding an electric scooter, which involved broken arms, so I decided not to join this crew. Instead, Kathleen (Severyn), Toni (Alugbue), Jeni (Houser), Russell from Media Relations fame, and myself decided to explore deeper into the city with hopes of finding places where the people of Prague would shop themselves.

We found a very large area dedicated to shopping, consisting of multiple indoor malls, storefronts and outside marketplaces. Some of the stores were ones that we know of, while others were certainly European-specific. We were walking around the vendors of a marketplace when it started to pour, so we randomly chose a nearby café to eat at while we let the rain pass. Our choice was the perfect find: the café had delicious, fresh food that was very reasonably priced (even though we still have no concept of what is expensive or not here). After the rain stopped, we walked back to the hotel to prepare for the match.

We won the match in five, very competitive games. We won the first game somewhat breezily, and then hit a rough patch, losing the next two games. We fought back strong and closed out the match winning the last two games. Following the match, we went to dinner with the coach and girls of the Olymp Praha team. We ate at a restaurant that we were told never sees tourists, which served us salad, goulash and fried chicken, pork and turkey. For dessert, both tables were brought out a plate of a variety of small desserts. Our table was split into two, so the side we were on understandably expected the other half to get their own plate, yet we were wrong and had finished all but five of the small desserts. We left the rest of the table our feeble leftovers, much to the dismay of our other teammates.

We’ve had an unreal time here, but we’re all very excited to depart for Vienna and Maribor tomorrow!

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