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A Player’s Perspective: Milan – Day One

May 28, 2013, 11:27 AM EDT


Me (left) and Kathleen Severyn


Today started off interesting because I woke up in Venice and ended my day in Milan! My journey to Milan began with a speed train from Venice to Milan that took a little over two hours. I was very excited to get to Milan because it’s the Italian city that I have the most knowledge of. Kathleen (Severyn) and I played a game of Mancala to pass time, but I ended up sleeping most of the time. I found out later on in the day that Maggie (Brindock) was having some fun taking pictures of me during my slumber.

Milan is the fashion capital of the world and I saw that upon my arrival to the train station. Everyone was looking very fashionable for a Monday afternoon and I had a great time people watching. After a quick lunch, we took a bus from the train to our hotel.

Our tour guide Kelly took us into the part of Milan with the most attractions. The sights were absolutely amazing! I was immediately drawn to the Duomo, a large cathedral located in the Duomo Square. I knew that I wanted to tour the cathedral at some point before we left. After some tips and pointers from Kelly, Jeni (Houser) and I partnered and went adventuring in the square. We started off doing some shopping in the smaller stores in the area. Later, we made our way into the high-end stores like Louis Vuitton and Prada, but I decided I would wait until tomorrow before I made some major purchases. After an hour of shopping, Jeni and I stopped for some yummy gelato. It was my first time having gelato and it was great!

During our last hour of sightseeing, I made my way into the Duomo and the Museo del Novecento. The sights were amazing and I now have a better appreciation for the arts.

The day ended with a great Italian dinner that had a ton of pasta and pizza. Our server brought us food until we couldn’t eat anymore. My favorite dish of the night was a pizza topped with zucchini and peppers. After dinner, everyone was pretty stuffed so we made our way back to the hotel.

My first night in Milan was a success and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!



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