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A Player’s Perspective: Milan – Part Two

May 29, 2013, 10:47 AM EDT


Today in Milan was especially nice because not only did we get to sleep in but we also were able to use the public transportation to go into the city on our own for the first time. As difficult as that may sound in a city that is unknown to most of us, it actually turned out to be pretty easy.

I went into the city with Toni (Alugbue), Sammie (Brown), Maggie (Brindock) and Andrea (McHugh). The girls and I were on an adventure to find a gift for either our family members or our significant others. I would say what some of these purchases are but I do not want to ruin the surprise for the people we are giving them to.

However, I did buy a little something for myself that I will gladly tell the IRISH community about. In Milan, I bought a lot of fashion items since it’s the self-proclaimed fashion capital of the world. I was able to purchase a white dress, a pair of fun shorts that Toni and Sammie also bought and a new bathing suit. I did buy one item not related to clothes and it’s a candleholder that looks like a lantern but has the Fleur-de-lis symbol surrounding it. Most of you do not know my love for Fleur del-is … it’s a symbol that pops up around the city of Louisville a lot.

Another one of my loves is food. I am sure most of you know this by now but my teammates and I walked into the Brera neighborhood and found a lovely Italian restaurant that served all sorts of things. I started off with an amazing caprese salad. The mozzarella was as big as my head! One thing I have come to enjoy about Europe in general is the amazing balsamic vinegar. I have used balsamic vinegar in just about every meal because I cannot get enough of it and I know it will not taste the same once I return.

The best part about this meal today was not only the mozzarella and the balsamic but also the pizza. What made my margarita pizza so special was the fact that it was shaped like a heart! The Italian men sure love American women and they show that through their food…just kidding!!! This restaurant was famous for their heart shaped pizzas and each of the girls received a heart shaped pizza as well.

After we finished eating, it was time to head back to Hotel Raffaello and prepare for our match against the Italian Junior National Team. They were the real deal. We lost the last three sets, but we were able to pull out the game one win. I am very excited to play this team again Wednesday because we are learning a lot about what it takes to be an elite team. It has definitely been a real confidence booster being able to hang with some of these impressive European teams.

Until I see you again,



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