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The World According to NARP: Vol. 2

Sep 28, 2013, 2:18 AM EDT

A few things occurred to me last weekend while I was attending a Notre Dam football game in a unique way.

I was sitting in the press box in Notre Dame Stadium waiting for the game to start and I looked out over the stadium walls. All I could see was blue sky, a few clouds and to the north, Touchdown Jesus. (It also happened to be the Hesburgh Library’s 50th birthday.) But that’s it. That’s everything. It makes the stadium seem like that’s all there is in the world, and to Notre Dame fans on game day, the stadium and that game are the world.

So when a game isn’t going great, it seems like everything is falling apart. There were a few times last Saturday that felt like the apocalypse was nigh, but let’s face it—we Notre Dame fans can be a little melodramatic.

And from what I’ve seen and heard, we can be a little too unenthusiastic at times. Last year, the Take A StaND initiative didn’t take off as hoped, but it needed to. And it needs to again this year. Here’s how I see things: Yes, it is exhausting standing and cheering for the entire game, but if you wanted to sit down and watch the game quietly, the view from your sofa at home is pretty good. There were some times on Saturday when the entire stadium was on its feet and those moments were magical! But it should be like that from kickoff to the alma mater. I may not be good at playing sports, but I’ve gotten really good at watching them. You could say I’m sort of an expert at it; so let me say this: If you’re sitting down and staying quiet, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. Get on your feet and don’t be afraid to have a little bit of a raspy voice on Sunday—it’s actually kind of fun! Also, win or lose, you’ll enjoy the game more if you cheer more.

One more note: Be nice to the Oklahoma fans. They were so unbelievably hospitable and kind last year when I was in Norman and I want to make sure they’re shown the same kindness. Also, when I go home for fall break, I’ll be surrounded by Sooners fans and I don’t want to be tarred and feathered by anyone.

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