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I Bring The Wins

Oct 8, 2013, 1:59 PM EDT

Christianne Harder is the Social Media Manager for Notre Dame Athletics. During her many stops in collegiate football, the teams she worked with have outperformed their previous years, here is her story…

I don’t like to put this on my resume, but wherever I go, the wins follow.  It’s a bold statement, I know, but it’s true…

It started in 2009. I was doing my internship in football operations at Stanford Football, in the third year of Coach Jim Harbaugh’s tenure.  While the previous year had ended at 7-5, we hit a hot streak after I started my internship, and ended the season 8-5. During that season we had huge wins over Washington, UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon, USC and Notre Dame.  Stanford went to their first bowl game in eight years, the Sun Bowl in El Paso, but alas, I don’t bring post-season magic and we lost to Oklahoma.

In 2011, I was consulting on recruiting for Western Kentucky football. The previous season they had been 2-10 and had never won a game in their brand new stadium. Then I came, and after a slow start, we finished 7-5 and qualified for the first bowl game EVER for the program. Sadly, we were left out of a bowl by the selection process (remember I am not responsible for post-season), but a new milestone had been reached.

Then I came to Notre Dame in 2012, and the undefeated season happened, including a BCS Championship Game bid (again, not responsible after the regular season ends).  But this time I wasn’t on the football staff, so an unintended consequence happened. While my magic is usually football specific, I was now working with all of our sports, so subsequently, our Olympic sports practically swept the BIG EAST championships.  My boss said, “Wow, you really do bring the wins. Don’t put this on your resume. We need you here.”

Let’s just say I was getting a reputation. Occasionally I get calls that start with “C, I just got a new job, and we need your luck. Would you come with us?” “Sorry Coach,” I have to say, “but I’m Notre Dame’s luck now, so thanks, but I’m staying put.”

Little did I know that around my one-year workaversary, the new ND Sports Blogger would come back to Notre Dame… and that’s a different story altogether …

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