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Athlete Profile: Kevin Hassett

Nov 25, 2013, 4:28 PM EDT

Senior sabreist Kevin Hassett

Kevin Hassett is a senior sabreist from Beaverton, Oregon. He’s a civil engineering major and currently lives in O’Neill Hall. Why did he choose Notre Dame?

“My sister went here -she was also a fencer, and she really enjoyed the atmosphere,” Kevin said. His sister, Eileen, was a four time All-American with the women’s saber team. He was also motivated by his family, Notre Dame’s engineering program, and the possibility of a fencing scholarship with a premiere collegiate team. After graduation, he plans on returning to Oregon and finding an engineering job there.

Eileen also had a part in getting Kevin into fencing in the first place. “My older sister initially got into fencing because of the Olympic gold medalist Mariel Zagunis. Her brother was in her class and she had a crush on him and he also fenced, so she started fencing and my mom thought it would be something that I could try out as well, so I tried it out and liked it as well.”

Perhaps not the most typical way to get into a sport, but the rest of the team must be thankful that he did. His sophomore year, he came in 7th at the NCAA Championships and 9th as a junior. His goal for this year is to win an even higher place at the championships. He said he wants to try to get in the top four this year because that’s first-team All-American. He believes that the team will continue to remain very competitive nationally. Hassett wants “to see our team get in the top two or three teams at NCAAs.”

Fun Fact about Kevin Hassett: His best Halloween costume ever was Jafar his senior year of high school. “My sisters love dressing me up for different things,” he said. One of his sisters even used real hair when creating his mustache and beard.

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