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Julian Joins the Irish

Nov 25, 2013, 4:22 PM EDT

Kevin Hassett gives Julian a fencing lesson.

In August of this year, Julian visited the University of Notre Dame for the first football game of the season versus Temple. Shortly afterwards, the 10-year-old from Evanston, Ill. was diagnosed with leukemia and began intense treatment. Despite the drastic change in his life, Julian has been able to keep up with his home fencing club.

He attended the exhibition meet against Northwestern on November 16th and quickly befriended senior foilist Alan Markow and senior saberist Kevin Hassett. But Julian wasn’t only there to watch the meet. The team designated him an honorary member of the Irish fencing squad and even named him an honorary captain for the day. All he had to do was sign a contract, which he did eagerly (after he and his friend Jack carefully looked over the terms and conditions, of course).


Both the Irish and the Wildcats presented Julian and Jack with flags, shirts, hats, and bags and the boys got to sit with the team for the rest of the day. Julian even got a private saber lesson with Hassett during the meet.



Before the team competition, he took on his role as captain and flipped the coin that would determine the order of the bouts. Julian and Jack cheered on the Irish in the team competition along with the rest of the fencers and joined in the post-meet huddle after the victory.


Go Irish! Beat Cancer!

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