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The Irish Hockey 2013 Mo-Wards

Dec 17, 2013, 11:13 AM EDT

Senior Stephen Johns is spearheading the Movember movement (photo from last year)

Well they did it. The Notre Dame hockey team beat their Movember fundraising goal. At the beginning of November, senior Stephen Johns, who brought the Movember movement to Notre Dame, told me the goal was to raise “more than last year.” Last year, they raised around $4,000. This year, they broke $5,200.

Johns credits their success this year to marketing more superior than last year’s. “The fact that we advertised it a lot more, did some stuff with the video board, and were more prepared…helped a lot.”

Because of a team rule, as soon as December rolled in, the mustaches had to go, but it wasn’t necessarily a tearful goodbye. “I’m not sad [about it],” Johns said, “Once it starts creeping in your mouth, it’s time for it to go. But it was fun to do, obviously. I wish we’d had some better results on the ice, but it was a good thing we did. Hopefully it keeps going in the future.”

Who does Johns see taking over for him? “I’m going to guess Eric Johnson, just because he can grow a mean mustache. But, I don’t know. It’ll be exciting to see next year if they beat my record this year.”

To celebrate their fundraising and facial hair accomplishments in November, the team voted on the first ever Mowards. And here are your winners:


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Infographic credit: Conor Levey (’16)

As written in by players, honorable mentions for some of the awards were Coach Jeff Jackson for the “Less is More” Award and Ron Burgundy of “Anchorman” for “Fullest Mustache,” which, otherwise, Rogers won unanimously.

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