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Preparing For 2018: Curling At Compton

Feb 18, 2014, 4:58 PM EDT

The 2014 Winter Olympics are underway and the world begins to learn about sports they weren’t aware of just two weeks ago, therefore, I felt it was my responsibility to my readers to make a fool of myself trying to learn a new and challenging sport. As I began to think about the possibilities, only one Olympic event was logical in snowy South Bend, Ind., curling.


Marco looking intense as he sets up his next toss down the ice

To set this plan in place, I reached out to Kevin Deeth at the Compton Family Ice Arena. Deeth, the assistant programming and instruction manager, was open to the idea of me stepping outside my comfort zone and allowed myself and a few members of the Notre Dame staff on the ice to try our hand at curling.

The day came and Marco Serna (Fighting Irish Digital Media social media assistant), Brent Henningfeld (Athletics Advancement assistant) and I headed over to Compton to try our hand at the sport of wooly mammoths (awaiting confirmation on this fact).

As we stepped onto the auxiliary Ice at Compton, we knew we were in over our heads. Deeth volunteered his time to teach us the sport and everything that went into it.

In curling there are ten ends (or innings for you baseball fans), with eight stones tossed per side during each end.

A thrower (didn’t learn the actual lingo for this) attempts to throw the stone between the hog line (the line on the ice that allows the stone to stay in play) and the back line (the line that denotes the end of the field of play).

Our group decided to dive right in and use the professional equipment (sliding shoes and all). Here are our results …



Needless to say, it was a great time all around. We are even contemplating joining the Compton Family Ice Arena’s curling spring curling league. The most surprising aspect of curling is the physical toll it takes on your body. A few hours after tossing the final stone, both myself and Henningfeld already began feeling the pain. I haven’t diagnosed if it is the sport, or the fact I haven’t worked out since baseball was removed from the Olympics. Only time will tell.

So if you’re ever around, feel free to stop on by Compton and check out the curling venue and if you’re in the spring league, beware team “Curl Jam,” Kevin Deeth taught them everything he knows.

To learn more about the curling classes at the Compton Family Ice Arena and the Spring Curling League, check out the fliers below (click on the picture to enlarge).

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