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Two-Minute Power Play with Joe Rogers

Apr 15, 2014, 12:32 PM EDT

Anna Gonzalez, the official 2013-14 hockey beat writer for the Irish UNDerground blog, is currently a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. Over the course of the year Anna will bring you insight from within the student section, interviews with Fighting Irish players and stories from inside the team circle. You can follow Anna (and the rest of the Notre Dame student beat writing staff) on twitter at @JrNDBloggers.

Anyone who knows Joe Rogers or had heard anything about him knows that he’s one of a kind. Ask Coach Jeff Jackson about him, and Jackson will only have wonderful things to say. The senior goaltender for the Irish was born with an under-developed right hand, but hasn’t let it stop him from doing all the things he loves. He’s even one of five finalists for the Hockey Humanitarian Award, given to college hockey players who are outstanding in giving back to their community. Here’s your two minutes with Joe Rogers.

  1. If someone wrote a book about you, what would it be called? “Fist of Fury.”
  2. If you didn’t play hockey, what sport would you play? Baseball
  3. If you had a time machine, when would you go to? I’d probably go back around the Revolutionary War to see George Washington crossing the Potomac. I’d be right there in the ship with him.
  4. Who would play you in your biopic? I think it would either be Leo DiCaprio or Jason Statham.
  5. What’s your favorite thing about Coach Jackson? There’s so many things. It’s hard to pick just one. Probably his passion for the sport and for all his players.
  6. What would be the perfect day for you? I feel like it’d be somewhere down in the Caribbean enjoying the sun at the beach, riding some jet-skis, doing some kite surfing, and topping it off with a nice barbeque and some piña coladas.
  7. Do you have a pre-game routine? Basically I like to walk around campus and get a couple hour nap. When I was playing juniors, I started taking a walk before games, and it’s kind of nice.
  8. Who is your celebrity crush? I think I’d have to go with Carrie Underwood. She has been for a while, so I’ll stay true.
  9. What’s the best thing about your home state (Michigan)? The four seasons—being able to do everything. I love golfing, hiking, fishing, skiing. Having fun stuff to do all year round. And the lakes, of course.
  10. What’s your favorite sport to watch? I like watching golf, but it normally puts me to sleep. I guess in person, I like baseball. Just the atmosphere of the ballpark on a summer afternoon.
  11. What’s your favorite movie? I’m kind of a movie buff, so it’s hard to pick just one but I think the “Italian Job” might be right up there.
  12. What is your guilty pleasure song or band? “Beautiful Soul” by Jesse McCartney. I love it. I’m not even embarrassed to say that!
  13. What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid? The first one that comes to mind is “Boy Meets World.” And I mean, “Scooby-Doo.” It still is my favorite.
  14. Would you rather be Jack Swarbrick or Fr. Jenkins for a day? I think a lot of people say Swarbrick, but I think I’d kind of be interested to see what goes on in Fr. Jenkins day, so I’m going to go with him.
  15. What do you miss most about home? Home-cooked meals, and my two dogs. They’re a lab-beagle mix and a yorkie-poo. Bear and Ralphie. Bear is my boy.
  16. What is your favorite place in the entire world? Aruba.
  17. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? I was pretty pumped when I got my first computer. It was a desktop.
  18. What four people would you want to go golfing with? I think it would be a foursome of past presidents, so I’d say George W. Bush, George Washington—I’d have to teach him how to golf, I think—JFK, and the wild man, Teddy Roosevelt.
  19. What would you do with $1,000,000? Well…I’d probably just put it in my bank account and investments. Turn it into more money.
  20. What was the best lesson your parents ever taught you? Through watching their careers, I learned that hard work can get you anywhere, and you just have to have the drive and know what you want to get so that you can chase after it every day.

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